How to Handle the Side Braid

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Whenever your hair isn’t behaving or you just need a quick hairstyle as you’re running out the door, the side braid is the perfect option. It’s casual yet still pulled together, which makes it perfect for any occasion. While it may seem obvious how to create a side braid, I’ve found that just doing a regular braid and pulling it to the side doesn’t last. Pieces start to fall out and it won’t actually stay to one side. So after some trial and error, I’ve found the best way to do the casual side braid so that it stays put and has the perfectly messy touch.


It’s best to start with somewhat dirty hair, but really any texture will work. Begin with your hair down and select two pieces from the front and one from the back. These will be the three pieces you use to start your braid.


Start braiding the three small pieces and slowly add more hair to each piece as you go. Sort of like a mini version of a french braid. Once you get to your neck, make sure all the hair is part of the three sections being braided. I also like to lead my braid to one side as I’m going so that it actually stays to one side when you’re done.


As you get to your neck, start directing the braid to one side. Bring the hair around and finish the braid in front. Secure with a small clear elastic – this helps make the braid look even longer.


To create that messy texture, gently pull the braid apart so it’s not so tight.


I recommend using 3-4 bobby pins. One on each side to hold those shorter hairs in place, and 1-2 in the back for any strays. Then pull a couple pieces out in front — two from your bangs/shorter pieces and 2 right above your ears.

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Change your hairstyle in 5 minutes or less

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Are you a girl  with long hair and are border lining insanity because you are unsure how to style it? Do you wish your hair could less time to style but last all day? Are you starting to envy those with sleek, straight beautiful hair? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then this article is for you.

Day: Headband with Loose Waves

Headbands are one of the most versatile hair accessories that can easily be casual-cool for day and ultra glam for a night out.

Step 1. Begin by prepping dry hair with a styling spray to add texture and protect hair from the heat styling tools.
Step 2. Comb hair into a middle part and separate the hair into four sections.
Step 3. Curl each section with a one-inch curling wand and spritz hair with a medium-hold hairspray.
Step 4. For a more relaxed look, soften the curls by running your fingers through your hair.
Step 5. Finish the look with an embellished headband.

Night: Braid Leading into Bun

This look can be created by bringing the original braid back into a loose, messy bun for an added romantic element.

Step 1. Begin by spritzing the roots of the hair with a texturizing spray.
Step 2. Brush hair back so the entire braid is exposed and gently tease the roots with a fine-toothed comb.
Step 3.Gather hair into a low ponytail, about an inch above the nape of the neck and secure the ponytail with an elastic. Spritz the ponytail with a texturizing spray and backcomb the length of the ponytail.
Step 4. To finish, coil the ponytail into a bun and secure the hair with several bobby pins.

Night: Sleek, Slicked Pack Pony

For an extra dose of sex-appeal, pull your hair back into a low pony.

Step 1. Begin by brushing your flat-ironed hair back and creating a tight ponytail at the crown. Secure with an elastic.
Step 2. Take a piece of hair from the length of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure the hair with a bobby pin.
Step 3. Smooth any flyaways with pomade and hairspray.

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Emma Watson: Hair Style Collections

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Having grown up in the spotlight, thanks to her role as Hermione in the eight Harry Potter films, Emma Watson has had her style – and hairstyles – scrutinised from a young age.

From the innocent and rather fluffy waves she debuted as a fresh-faced 10-year-old to the famous pixie crop she had cut in as soon as her Harry Potter filming was over – a clear statement that she was more than just little Hermione Granger – Watson has run the gamut from child star to red-carpet regular, with a decent balance of elegant up-dos for every teenage hair mishap.

Now, despite leaving her pixie crop behind, Watson is always keen to demonstrate that she’s not afraid to experiment – from Forties-style faux bobs to the edgy, textured ponytail she chose for the 2014 Oscars.

July 2009

A half-up-half-down style for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince photocall at Claridge’s in London.

May 2010

For the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit in New York she chose relaxed curls to complement her one-shouldered Burberry dress.

July 2011

At the American premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 that same month, Watson offset her dramatic eye make-up with a slick wet-look hairstyle.

February 2012

A slick, side-parted style for a pre-BAFTA party at The Savoy.

April 2013

A side-parted style with a low bun for the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

March 2014

She chose side-swept style with clip detailing for the Madrid premiere of Noah. Berry-coloured lipstick completed the look.

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Kim Kardashian Got a Chic New Haircut

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Kim Kardashian, formerly known as Queen of All Things Klassy, has been looking decidedly more classy-with-a-C lately. Case in point: Her chic new haircut. Whether she’s simply ditched her extensions or made the decision to go under the scissors, Kim stepped out this weekend with a new shoulder-length ‘do. The new look is more mature and fits better with her current Kanyeified image that we, personally, have come to admire and even copy.

On Friday we thought Kim Kardashian‘s hair looked a little bit shorter , and now after closely studying photos of the star over the weekend, we’re sure she is rocking a new ‘do. Whether or not she actually took off a few inches or perhaps removed some extensions is unclear, but what is apparent is her strands now stop near her collarbone.The shorter style has got a rocker-chic quality thanks to purposefully uneven ends, which give off a shaggy effect. Since becoming a mom last June, the star has been trying out edgier hairstyles.

DIY Your Best Cute Hairstyles-Braided Topsy Tail

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Step 1: Beginning at the top of your head, over your ear, begin french braiding. You want to tuck each piece under, instead of over to get more volume.

Step 2: Work your french braid straight down towards the nape of your neck.
Step 3: At some point you will have to switch hands, this is the only tricky part. It helps to have a mirror so you can see behind your head.
Step 4: Without letting go of your braid, fasten your hair into a low side ponytail right by your ear. Be sure to keep the braid tight and intact, we will loosen it later.
Step 5: Gently separate the hair above the hair tie to create a hole with enough room for the ponytail to come through. Reach through from the bottom, and pull your ponytail through the hole.
Step 6: Continue pulling until the ponytail is completely through the hole you created. Now, use your fingers to pull the hair tie tight. You can also gently loosen the braid and some pieces around your face if you prefer it to look less done.
That’s it! It does take a little practice to braid around the back of your head, but once you get it, it will be a snap. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
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Hair Color Ideas Inspired by Celebrities

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Following hair color trends is great inspiration if you’re looking to rejuvenate your look. Coloring your hair pink, adding streaks, or dip-dying your tresses for an ombré look are all surefire ways to boost your confidence, especially in the New Year. That said, it is always best to err on the side of caution because what may look good on some may not look on others. Skin tone and bone structure can make or break your dye job, so wanting the bleach-blonde look may not be for you, even if you idolize Gwen Stefani.

Sandra Bullock‘s curly side sweep and strapless gown at the Oscars were a truly swoon-worthy pairing.

Katheryn Winnick totally charmed with her sculpted, retro waves at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Poppy Delevingne looked fierce with her towering top knot at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Christina Hendricks channeled Brigitte Bardot with this messy-sexy beehive during the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party.

Regina Hall exuded boho charm with this center-parted wavy ‘do at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Britney Spears wore her hair down in high-volume waves during the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party.

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What is Monofilament?

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Monofilament is a sheer mesh made of strong synthetic fiber. In wigs, monofilament is used as a translucent segment – the part area or the entire crown – of a wig cap. Hairs are individually hand-tied to the monofilament segment of the cap, so each hair can swivel freely in any direction, creating natural hair movement. This mobility also allows the hair to be parted and styled in any direction.

What’s the Benefit of Lacewigsbuy’s Monofilament?

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Best Hair From 2014 Oscars

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The Oscars 2014 red carpet has come and gone so let’s get right to it, friends! Who was the best hair look celebrity of the night?

Look 1:Lupita Nyong’o perfect blush, shimmery lipgloss, and adorable headband.

Look 2:Amy Adams’ very sculpted, elegant undo.

Look 3:Margot Robbie‘s stunning dark hair color (she darkened it for a movie), plum lips, and waves.

Look 4:Jennifer Lawrence‘s brushed-back hair and unsmoky, black-rimmed eyes.

Look 5:Maria Menounos opted for romantic elegance with a double-braided updo with wispy flyaways

Look 6:Jennifer Garner channeled retro elegance with soft, seductive waves with swooping bangs.

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Frozen Hair Tutorial

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That is a classy, loose braid that is actually pretty easy to recreate in real life. The creators of Frozen actually brought in a famous hair designer to help design braid hairdo.

Follow the steps in this hair tutorial and within 10 minutes, you’ll be rocking the braid just like the Snow Queen herself, click here to see how to do it.

This hairstyle works out best when hair are not shampooed. 2-3 days hair will be best to carry this hair do.

All you will need is:

Hair Brush

  1. Teasing brush
  2. Hair elastics
  3. Hair spray
  4. Bobby pins


  1. Volumize your hair by teasing it. Take small section from the top and sideways and tease them thoroughly. This will give you volume and messier look.
  2. Take the upper section of the hair, near the crown and pin it backwards. This doesn’t need to be clean, make it messy and loose.
  3. Now, divide the hair in three sections, preferably halfway down the head.
  4. Start french braiding and take big chunks of hair. Tie them lose in a braid. Braid along the length loosely.
  5. Now loosen up the braided section, by pulling strands softly.
  6. If you see, Elsa has little bangs pulled backwards. Take out small bangs from the front (optional) and curl it away from the face, going above the head.
  7. Finish the look with a little hairspray.